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I have been a Functional Nurse Practitioner in private practice for over 20 years.  I have oodles of experience listening to women's stories - just like you.  My specialty is helping women with hormonal issues.  I love this work as I have grown to know that  taking care of your hormones is the foundation to create optimal well being. 

Enjoy my programs to get you to your optimal health & well being!

                    Balance Hormones, Health & Life

Available Products

Hormone Hacks: 9 tips to Balance Naturally

Free EBook on my favorite HACKS to balance your hormones Naturally. 

Hormone Jump Start

Jumpstart your hormones and start the path to improved immunity and health through hormone balance.

Hormone Health: Food as Medicine

"Food as Medicine"   The path towards healing your hormones with foods for Health & Well-being.  

The Not So Sweet Sugar Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Sugar:  The affects on health, natural vs added, reading labels, and best sugar substitutes.

Nutrition for Immunity

Top foods for our immune system and our ability to fight off infections and prevent chronic illness.

My Products Available Products
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